Diabetes Education Program



Do you have diabetes or care for someone who does? Health and Wellness is excited to offer the City of Mesa employees and family members diabetes education classes. This 5-class program is taught by a Certified Diabetes Educator. It provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to successfully manage all types of diabetes. They can also help with pre-diabetes (insulin resistance), prevention, and the potential progression to type 2 diabetes.


  • Dates:           Thursdays, May 30th – June 27th or September 5th – October 3rd

  • Time:             12:00-1:00PM

  • Location:      MCP 650, 20 E. Main St (*Room change on 3rd Thursday of month to MCP 170)


Class Objectives:


  • Overview of Diabetes/How blood sugar & insulin work

  • Importance of blood sugar control

  • Appropriate blood sugar ranges/goals

  • Myths associated with diabetes

  • Managing your blood sugar through food/carbohydrate counting

  • How exercise, stress, & illness impact your diabetes

  • Learn how to develop and monitor an aerobic exercise program

  • Tips for exercising safely with diabetes


REGISTER on The Learning Center to find out more information, or contact MesaWellness@mesaaz.gov or (480) 644-5732. Earn 200 Wellness Points!